All products are natural and craft, made without using coloring, preservatives or additives of any kind, in according with the mediterranean tradition.

Pasta bronze drawn

Sicilian grain, slowly dried, 16 different shapes of pasta. Packaging: Paper and sea trough plastic. Our pasta is made by re-evaluating traditional techniques of cultivation, the wheat is left to mature in long stretches at the foot of Madonie, where the mild climate encourages the natural growth of plants. for the dough is used only pure water from the Madonie park. Drying takes place slowly in order to keep all those properties’ organoleptic present in the grain, giving the dough a scent and taste that makes it unique. The dough is slightly rough, pale color, a reminiscent features of old times.

Sugo di pomodoro siccagno

The sugo di pommodoro is made exclusively with the tomato “Siccagno”, grown in the Sicilian Madonie. The processing is done by hand, the pommodori are hand picked and washed, peeled and mashed. Our culture and old traditions is handed down from generation to generation. Ingredients: 99% Pommodoro, Onion 0.5%, 0.29% basil, virgin olive oil 0.2%, 0.01% salt.


The distinguishing factor that makes these products delicious is the high percentage of fruit, equal to 80%. Old traditions and passion are also our ingredients, the hand picked fruit is washed and then left boiling at low heat to leave unchanged the organoleptic characteristics and the original colors. The origin of the citrus crops are from natural plantations, without the addition of fertilizer. This allows you to taste the fruit as if it had just been picked. Our Marmellata does not contain preservatives or coloring and is free  from additives of any kind.

“Don Rino” wine


This is a delicious, lively blend of Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio from a specific 25 year old vineyard parcel of mount Etna. After careful selection of the best bunches, the grapes are transferred into temperature controlled steel tanks where the fermentation takes place for 6-7 days, implementing a ”Rimontaggio” technique for the purpose of extraction of aroma and color. After fermenting the product is left to rest in oak barrels for 12 months and completes the maturing in bottles which are laid in cellars built in 1887.This wine is wonderful served with red meat, cheeses or as “Meditation” wine. Serve in large glasses and oxygenate for 30 minutes before serving.This is more nimble and refreshing yet with understated power. Like a new taste that you’ve already acquired. 1st classified at ENOETNA 2009.

“Nerello Mascalese” wine


This  is an unusual Sicilian red and is made from the local Nerello Mascalese grape. The winery was born in 1887 on mount Etna at 350 m a.s.l. The “filari” are set over 3 different ground levels, where the berries ripen at different times.This wine is fermented with a classic method, a long maceration allows the extraction of the vegetable flavors and the ruby red color that distinguishes it .The tannin fills the mouth after the first taste, but is gradually covered by the varietal aromas. The flavors are at the perfect state of maturity but it remains beautifully fresh serve with red meat and wild game.

Extra virgin olive oil

This olive oil is 100% Italian, produced by Italian trees and pressed in Italy, this is real EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL.The harvest of our olives is done by hand and this extra virgin olive oil is obtained by cold pressing only (Temperature below 28°C) without the addition of water . To produce this nectar we pressed together a mixture of 3 types of olives; Biancolilla 80%, Nocellara 10% and 10% Carolea. Laboratory tests show that this oil has an acidity equal to 0.25 and a peroxide value of 7.

Grilled and under oil vegetables

A range of 21 different kinds of vegetables. These are: seasoned grilled onions, seasoned grilled artichokes, mixed sweet and sour vegetables cooked in oven, eggplant rolls, semi-dried tomatoes, julienne eggplants, cracked olives, mushrooms. The  packaging is of 200g and 1kg (2kg or more upon request). 8 kg box contains 8 trays of 1 kg each, 3,2 kg box contains 16 trays of 200g. Thermal treatments: pastorized water >90° C. Storage: 12 months after production in a cool place; after opening the polipreline package, store it in fridge between the temperatures + 4°C – + 8°C.